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Our journey

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Make ideal

First start by 5 members who have passion and experience about car.

View now June 28, 2017

Stark with small store

Just a store at corner of street, it's not too big but fit with our work.

View now July 24, 2017

Deploy on Internet and Social

We start to build a website, and created some socials to attract more customers.

View now Nov 19, 2017

Become a Company

After over 7 months working hard and with the truth of many customer, we can build our store to a company.

View now Mar 03, 2018

Branch expansion

Opening 2 branches at the next state

View now Dec 28, 2018

Continuing extension

We opened 5 more branches at 4 big cities.

View now Apr 15, 2019

First sign with Big Company

We have signed with Ford about vehicle repairs & maintenance to performance builds & modifications.

View now Oct 20, 2019

Grown up with agency

Deploy open agencies by franchise.

View now May 10, 2020

Become Big Brand

We have 10 branches and over 21 agencies around country.

View now Until Now

To be continued...

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